Garden Maintenance Services

Mt Tam Gardener Services Garden Maintenance Services

Proper landscape maintenance ensures the beauty and longevity of your design. Trimming, deadheading, fertilizing, mulching, and applying insecticides are all integral parts of this process. Trim shrubs in late fall or winter after the growing season has ended. Deadhead perennials to increase new blooms and cut them back in late fall to promote new spring growth.

Thin your daylilies and hostas in the fall to remove dead material in the center of the plant and create starts for you and your friends. Fertilize spring and fall for maximum bloom production and root development. Mulch eliminates weeds, reduces water usage, and protects the root system from the extremes of heat and cold. Applying pesticides reduces insect damage and fungal diseases from ruining your landscape plants. Knowledge, experience, and proper licensing are our commitments to you. Trust your landscape maintenance needs to us.

We have the proper experience and tools to do the job. In most cases, we’ll be responsible for maintaining the health and appearance of grass, flowerbeds, and gardens. We may also be able to trim or prune trees that are also on the property. Part of our job also includes fertilizing and weeding in these areas.

We also have experience with irrigation and runoff drainage. Sprinkler systems are sometimes installed by these professionals, allowing everything that grows to receive the water that it needs. Finally, we have all of the tools necessary to do this type of work, along with the expertise.

Our services may include:

  • A Fertilization program tailored for your garden needs;
  • Spring Clean-up and Regular Garden Maintenance Service;
  • Leaf Removal;
  • Mulch Application;
  • Shrubs Pruning;
  • Show Tree & hedge Trimming;
  • Bed Weed Control;
  • Pressure Washing;
  • Debris Removal;
  • Weed Control;
Mt Tam Gardener Services Garden Maintenance Services
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