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Much more goes into maintaining and/or starting your garden than into basic yard care, as you can imagine, and we understand that not all gardens are the same and your needs may differ from regular garden maintenance. A Garden or Backyard is what adds character, interest, and personality to your home or business, and we are here to cover any needs you may need to keep or start your garden.

Mt Tam Gardener Services Personalized Services  If you consider your home an extension of yourself, your exterior reflects who you are and your tastes and loves. A garden or backyard can incorporate a wide range of structures, hardscapes, features, beds, and plantings… The options are virtually limitless. We at MT Tam Gardens can tailor a unique package os service that will target all the needs of your garden. We don’t just offer you with a “One Fits All” solution, but we can build a maintenance package specifically for you.

We don’t often have the luxury of working on a property that has never been landscaped before. Usually, a client comes to us after having purchased an existing home with existing landscaping. The surroundings don’t reflect the client’s tastes, and they come to us for help with changing that. In those cases—and this may be your situation as well—we will often tear out existing features, remove outbuildings, and get rid of outdated features. Sometimes the lawn has been neglected for so long that we will remove that as well. Once the unwanted, old, outdated, deteriorated elements are gone, then we can create a new look. That’s the fun part, both for us and the customer.

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