Turf Installation Services

Mt Tam Gardener Services Turf Installation Services

Lawns & Turf Installation

We offer a variety of services, so if your grass requires a bit of love we have you covered.
Every lawn has an expiration date. After years of fertilization, weed control, and other beneficial lawn care services, your turf gets to a point where it becomes resistant to these applications and needs to be renovated for renewed vigor. MT Tam Gardening offers complete lawn renovation services to give new life to your worn and weary lawn. Call the lawn care crew today for a FREE consultation!

Turf Care and Fertilization Services

Mt Tam Gardener Services Turf Installation Services

Artificial Grass or Synthetic Turf

Real grass requires time, irrigation, money, and ongoing maintenance to create beautiful lush lawns all year round, and sometimes that still is not enough. For those who are fed up with the ongoing costs and high maintenance that are required or who have difficulty in growing their lawns, one great option is to replace real grass with artificial grass. Artificial grass has so much to offer in the aspects of functional values, environmental impact, and convenience benefits. In terms of its decorative appeal and presentation, the lawns will always have a luscious green texture all year round. Artificial grass is made from synthetic materials to mimic the exact appearance of natural grass blades and natural textures.

There are no limits in using artificial grass as the alternate ground cover for private and public purposes; there are virtually unlimited applications that this astounding product can be used to replace real grass.

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