Weed Control & Tree Pruning

Mt Tam Gardener Services Weed Control & Tree Pruning

Weed Control

We get rid of weeds because they rob flowers and vegetables of the nourishment they need, compete for available light and air, harbor pests, and often create humid conditions in which many diseases thrive.

Don’t spend your weekends hand picking these annoying nuances, let MT Tam come and take of this pest once and for all. Our Weed Control Services is an ongoing service that will allow your garden to thrive virtually weed-free! We will build the best strategy to eradicate and protect your garden, so in the future, this problem won’t affect your beautiful garden.

Mt Tam Gardener Services Weed Control & Tree Pruning  Tree Pruning

Correct pruning methods are the very best means to make sure that your trees keep their charm and also health. We offer tree pruning professionals in various ways that can help you keep the appearance of your property.

We believe the more we know about your trees, the healthier they’ll be, and the happier you’ll be. We know how to approach pruning from a tree’s point of view, so we understand the things a tree needs to thrive and grow. With that knowledge, much of the mystery of how to prune disappear, and we will be able to give your trees the care they need to help them live in harmony with their surroundings.

We are staffed and equipped to handle all of your arboricultural needs, including:

  • Tree & shrub pruning/removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Chipping & disposal of limbs/brush
  • Hazard tree evaluation & tree preservations
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